Worst Gifts to Buy Your Spouse

Vacuum Cleaner

A Vacuum
Or a crockpot, blender, or any other household item or kitchen appliance that seems to remind your spouse of his or her domestic responsibilities.

Line of treadmills at the gym

Gym Membership
Unless your spouse specifically, very specifically, asks for a gym membership or piece of exercise equipment, don’t tread in these waters. Anything exercise-related can have dire consequences, for obvious reasons.

Weight scale

C’mon, this is a given. It doesn’t matter if it’s a state-of-the-art model that can measure fat-to-muscle ratio. In fact, that would make this gift even worse.

Waxing Kit

Hair Removal Kit
Nobody needs to be reminded if they have a little extra hair on their upper lip. A gift certificate for hair replacement products is also a major no-no.

Weed Wacker

Weed Wacker
Nothing lets your spouse know his landscaping skills aren’t up to par like a good ‘ol piece of lawn equipment. Rakes, shovels, and anything else related to lawn maintenance are also off-limits.

Three perfume bottles

New Perfume or Cologne
By now, you should know your spouse’s preferred scent. Anything other than her usual favorite spritz suggests that her personal smell leaves something to be desired. Either play it safe or steer clear.

Lit green candle

Scented Candles
What’s more perfect than a pumpkin-scented candle that gives you 200+ hours of feeling like you’re trapped in a giant pumpkin pie? Anything, that’s what. Even a hair removal kit at least has a little more imagination.

Pile of gray socks

Socks and Underwear
Practical? Yes. Romantic? Um, no. Purchase undergarments in the off-season, instead of giving each other a year’s supply under the tree. Please.

One jar of face cream

Wrinkle Cream
Remember what we said about gym memberships? Same goes for beauty supplies. Nobody will appreciate anything with the words “skin-firming,” “toning,” or “anti-aging.” Trust us.

Fishing gear

Gifts to Yourself
So you like to fish — that doesn’t mean your spouse wants a fishing pole. Sharing hobbies is wonderful, but let her express an interest instead of forcing the issue.

Diaper Bag and Baby Supplies

Gifts Really Meant for the Kids
A gift to your spouse should be something special she wouldn’t normally buy for herself, not a baby product thinly veiled as a present. Diaper bags, stroller accessories, and nursery décor are all essential, but that doesn’t mean they should be wrapped up and put under the tree.

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