Understanding (and Coping With) Sleep Regression in Your Child

Toddler Coping Mechanisms

Toddlers can be a bit more challenging since they’re older so try these tips from BabySleepSite.com.

  • Set boundaries: You’re in charge and your toddler needs to know that. When it’s time to sleep, it’s time to sleep.
  • Consistency: Keeping it is key, as this is just a phase.
  • Resist change: No need to drastically alter your toddler’s schedule. This too shall pass.
  • Other issues: Pay close attention to your toddler, as his sleeping problems might not be a regression but a sign of a different issue.

No one said parenting is easy, and a baby or toddler will remind you of that quite often. Especially when it comes to sleep (or a lack thereof).

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