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Snow-Themed Crafts & Activities for Kids


Create a Snow Journal
Kids are naturally drawn to snow, so why not make it a learning activity? Take your kids outside with a magnifying glass to examine snowflakes, and then talk about the differences and uniqueness of each one. Kids can create a snow journal to help them analyze their discoveries.

Get more information about the science of snow.


Torn-Paper Snow Pictures
Torn paper can be used for many winter craft projects, and looks great as snowflakes in this easy, mess-free activity.

Get the directions to make torn-paper snow pictures.


Blizzard Ice Cream
Speaking of sweet treats, did you know snow can be used to make dessert? Your kids will go crazy for snow cream, also known as blizzard ice cream.

Get the recipe for blizzard ice cream.


Shaving Cream Snow Painting
Real snow might not make the best craft material, but shaving cream makes a great substitute. Use it to create a wintry landscape that won’t melt all over your kitchen table.

Get the directions to make a shaving cream snow painting.


Whipped Snow
Whipped snow is fun to mold into different shapes, and, since it’s made simply out of soap and water, it won’t freeze your little one’s hands off. Whip up a batch to keep your child busy when he’s stuck indoors this winter.

Get the directions for whipped snow.


Outdoor Snow Paintings
A fresh blanket of snow makes a great canvas for creating art. Bundle the kids up, grab the food coloring, and head outside for an afternoon full of art creations.

Get the directions for outdoor snow paintings.


Homemade Snow Globe
Snow globes are a childhood favorite for most kids. Create your own and watch your child’s eyes light up when he shakes it up.

Get the directions for homemade snow globes.


Bead Snowflakes
Bead snowflakes are easy to make and look great as Christmas ornaments or winter decorations for your home.

Get the directions for bead snowflakes.


Snow Sculptures
Why make a plain old snowman when you can make a snow sculpture? Different size pails and buckets are the perfect supplies for creating your wintry masterpiece.

Get the directions for snow sculptures.

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