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Nut-free lunch ideas, English muffin pizza with smiley face for kids nut free lunch

Mini Pizzas
Homemade mini pizzas make a yummy nut-free lunch, if your child is cool with eating cold pizza. Whip up some simple, kid-sized pizzas with pitas or English muffins as the crust. Try this basic pita-bread pizza or veggie pita pizza recipe, or make homemade English muffins as a delicious pizza foundation.

Nut-free lunch ideas, bagel and soy nut butter sandwich as peanut butter alternative

Bagel and Soy Nut Butter
While there’s nothing quite like peanut butter, some tasty substitutes on the market come very close. Try soy nut butter or sunflower seed butter on a sandwich or bagel. Soy nut butter looks and smells a lot like peanut butter, but is not quite as rich and sweet. Sweeten it with a bit of honey, or pair it with thin slices of apple or some jelly or jam.

Nut-free lunch ideas, egg salad sandwich on nut-free bread

Egg Salad Sandwich
Protein-packed egg salad is an energizing substitute for peanut butter. Boiling and peeling eggs is time-consuming, so use a shortcut and buy hardboiled eggs at your supermarket salad bar. Use a small amount of low-fat mayo and homemade whole-grain bread to keep this sandwich healthy and ensure that it’s nut-free.

Nut-free lunch ideas, tunafish in pita bread as nut-free lunch

Tuna in a Pita
Tuna is another kid-friendly replacement for peanut butter. Fill a pita pocket with some salad greens and your tuna-and-mayo mixture. Quartered cherry tomatoes or diced bell peppers add a pop of color and flavor, too.

Nut-free lunch ideas, ham and cheese pinwheel sandwich wrap

Pinwheel Wrap Sandwiches
Meat-and-cheese wraps are a quick and tasty nut-free lunch option. Try making homemade tortilla wraps if you’re concerned about buying bread that was potentially made in a facility that handles nuts.

Nut-free lunch ideas, spread of hummus and pita and vegetables

Hummus, Pita, and Veggies
Children will love a little buffet of pita bread, hummus (a savory chickpea spread), and cut-up vegetables at lunchtime. It’s fun for kids to dip, and easy for Mom to pack.

Nut-free lunch ideas, chef salad lunch

Chef’s Salad
A plain old green salad probably won’t fuel your child for the rest of the school day. But a savory chef’s salad topped with protein-rich tuna, cold cuts, or leftover chicken will keep her powered up from lunchtime on. Switch up the salad toppings, and top with a low-fat dressing.

Nut-free lunch ideas, nut-free pasta salad for kids lunch

Pasta Salad
Pasta salad offers endless nut-free lunch possibilities. Try different flavor combinations — from hearty minestrone pasta salad to bowties with tuna and tomatoes — to see which starchy blend will become your child’s favorite.

Nut-free lunch ideas, mixed bean salad no nuts

Bean Salad
Bean salad is also bound to become a lunchbox hit. Beans of all sorts make a great stand-in for peanut butter at lunchtime because they, too, pack in protein. Try this tasty and quick turkey and chickpea salad. If you used canned beans, rinse them off to help cut the sodium.

Nut-free lunch ideas, veggie chili for kids lunch

Hearty chili made with beef, ground turkey, or simply vegetables and beans, will fill up your child who can’t eat nuts. And a piece of homemade cornbread on the side will make your student smile.

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