Parents Pick the Coolest Back to School Supplies & Fashions.

Instead of wasting hours and hours wandering around the mall looking for school supplies, visit FamilyEducation to find out the coolest back to school clothing trends or the latest gadgets to help your kids in class. Although you could easily spend a small fortune equipping your child for the new school year, FamilyEducation can help you find ways to get the most bang for your buck and save money on back-to-school shopping.

parents advice back to school supplies and fashion

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Let’s face it parents, you want to do everything you can to help your child succeed, especially as your child starts to dive into some of the more challenging subjects in middle and high school. At FamilyEducation, you’ll find out where to find some of the top learning tools for teens, locate resources like online tutoring and study guides, and find out exactly what your child will learn throughout the school year by grade.

From first day jitters, to transitioning into the flow of a classroom, FamilyEducation will help you ease back-to-school anxiety with tips and tricks for a smooth start to school. You’ll also find a back-to-school checklist for younger and older students, which features practical and effective ways to keep your child on track to have a stress-free experience at school.

parents advice back to school supplies and fashion

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Keep your child confident in class is key, and FamilyEducation equips parents with the tools they need to help their kids succeed. From finding the 10 best backpacks for kids, to keeping lunchtime cool with the latest lunchbox trends, moms and dads can use FamilyEducation to investigate the most current school supplies on the market, like Fidget Cubes and Bento Boxes. And your child can keep up with the most popular styles with the “15 Hottest Back to School Fashion Trends” slideshow. It’s all about the peasant tops and flannel this year.

No matter what challenges your child might face throughout the school year, FamilyEducation has the advice, tips, and tools to help you throughout the year. Do you have questions about your child’s development? Get help from an expert!

Kelly Sundstrom headshot As an award-winning journalist, author, and artist, Kelly Sundstrom has a passion for helping parents f  feel well-prepared, confident, and capable in the journey ahead. As an Attachment Parenting advocate  and homeschooling mother of two, Sundstrom has been a guest speaker on Grassroots TV in Aspen,  Colorado, and encourages families across the country to disconnect from media and reconnect with each  other.

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