Dealing with High Gas Prices

Gas Pumps

Leave the Gaz-Guzzler at Home
“We have six kids so our main vehicle is a Suburban…too expensive!!! So we decided to go out and buy bikes for everyone, and a bike trailer for the baby to sit in. Now if we want to go out to eat or to the park, we go somewhere we can ride our bikes to…it’s great exercise too!” &#8211mominpink

Red Motor Scooter

Scoot Around Town
“I carpool with my boyfriend to work each day and take the bus home. My son has been using his ‘scooter’ to get to his appointments. He’s 20 years old, and since his job is less than a mile from home, he has been walking to work. When he has an appointment that is a few miles, he is on the scooter.” &#8211tamz

Bicycle Wheel

Buy a Bike
“I used my stimulus check to buy a bicycle. Public transportation has a bike rack and I am going to get fit.” &#82111SingleMom

Road Map, Atlas

Perfect Your Planning
“We do most everything locally. My husband fortunately works close to home, so w/ that, we’re lucky. When we have to travel, we use our car, rather than the van, which has much better gas mileage. We’re planning a vacation this summer, though, and we’ll be taking the van b/c we’re transporting so much stuff … We usually pack snacks and drinks for the road to avoid pit stops and any unnecessary out-of-the-way driving.” &#8211concerned mom

Public City Bus

Take Public Transport
“I live in Britain where petrol prices are far higher than they are over [in the United States]. We do not run a car as we think there is enough pollution already and we can use public transport, bikes, or walk …” &#8211junieg


Try Fancy Footwear
“My husband started rollerblading to work. He loves it! I take my kids on the bus when we have time and energy to spare. They love that too. We are very lucky in that we have free public transportation within the city.” &#8211Jothegrill

Keys and To Do List

Make Time for Multi-Tasking
“I live in CA where the prices are supposedly the highest. Today $4.55/gallon AVERAGE. It’s higher in many places. We are staying home more. We are walking more. When we go we combine many activities into one long point-to-point trip in order to save gas. It’s tough to have enough energy in oneself to do so much in one of these types of days, but it makes you too tired to shop and thus saves even more money for gas … I guess it encourages an interactive approach to all aspects of your life. One trip out. One trip back.” &#8211joannmckean

Brown Bagged Lunch

Brown Bag It
“My boyfriend and i have made a deal that we will not eat out for one month. We have been packing our lunch and preparing meals at home for dinner. We decided this would save us a lot of money (we eat out a lot)…” &#8211tamz

Let us know what you and your family are doing!

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