Conversation Starter: What Is Love?

The rose is a symbol of love. The ancient Greeks identified the rose with their goddess of love, Aphrodite. The ancient Romans did the same with their goddess of love, Venus.  Every Valentine’s Day, more than a hundred million roses are sold to people who want to show their love for another person.

But what is love, exactly? Love is a very strong feeling of affection that people have toward another person. When you love someone, you want to be with that person, and you want to be loved in return. Love can make you feel very excited and truly happy. Unfortunately, love can also hurt and disappoint, like when the other person doesn’t love you back or when you can’t be together. The deep red color of the rose represents the depth, richness, and beauty of love; the thorns of the rose’s stem represent the pain and heartbreak that can come with it.

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Being loved and loving others is one of the most basic needs of every human. In addition to romantic love, there is the love between members of a family, the love for your best friend, or even your pet. Love can inspire people to do great things: compose a song or symphony, create a work of art, or simply act in ways that make them better human beings. People do many good things in order to love and to be loved: they help others, they show their good intentions by being honest and reliable, they give back, take care of others, say nice things, and offer comforting words to those who need them. These positive words and actions make life happy and peaceful; they spread feelings of love to others and they enable feelings of love in return. 

The Value of Love

A famous novelist once said “Who, being loved, is poor?” What do you think he meant with this? Do you agree?

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