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Christmas & Holiday Crafts for Kids

DIY beaded Christmas ornament

Bead Ornaments
This is a great project for groups. Put a pile of pipe cleaners and beads in the middle of the table and let kids go wild. You can create all kids of designs and patterns. Read the instructions for the Bead Ornaments.

Photo by Flickr contributor andersbknudsen, ©2010

Cinnamon Cut-Out Ornaments

Cinnamon Cut-Out Ornaments
Bake up some cinnamon-scented ornaments for the holidays. Your young kids will get a kick out of mixing up the ingredients! Read the instructions for the Cinnamon Cut-Out Ornaments.

Cotton Ball Holiday Card

Cotton Ball Holiday Card
This is a great craft for kids to do before heading to see family. Or, they can make cards for their friends at school! Use cotton balls and construction paper to create a fluffy snowman, a fuzzy sheep or Santa Claus with a puffy beard. Read the instructions for Cotton Ball Holiday Card.

Strawberry Nuts

Strawberry Ornament
All you need to make these ornaments is a walnut, some red and back paints, and a bit of felt. So easy! Read the instructions for the Strawberry Ornament.


Angel Ornament
Remind your relatives that, yes, your kids actually are little angels, thank you very much! Your kids will love making themselves into ornaments to give to friends and family!

Read the instructions for the Angel Ornament.

Fabric Wreath

Wreath Ornament

Use leftover scraps of cloth to make this impressive mini-wreath ornament.

Read the instructions for the Wreath Ornament here, or check out the video!

Sugar Snowman

Sugar Ornaments
Make sparkly, wintry ornaments with just three ingredients: water, sugar, and glitter.

Read the instructions for the Sugar Ornaments.

Reindeer Ornament

Bottle Nipple Rudolph
We know you’ve got a bunch of these lying around! Use an old bottle nipple for this fun and easy Rudolph ornament.

Read the instructions for the Bottle Nipple Rudolph Ornament.


Yarn Sheep Ornament
Remember the pom-pom that fell off your toddler’s hat? The one you swore you were going to sew back on? Use it instead to make the body of this adorable sheep ornament.

Read the instructions for the Yarn Sheep Ornament.


Beaded Snowflakes
If your kids are done with wreaths, have them switch to snowflakes! These snowflakes look great on a tree, but they also look beautiful tied onto a holiday gift.

Read the instructions for Beaded Snowflakes.

Paper Mache Ball

Papier-Mâchè Ball Ornaments
These papier-mâchè ornaments are a little more complicated, and a tad messy. But the finished product is something your kids will be proud of for years.

Read the instructions for Papier-Mâchè Ball Ornaments.

Colorful Coffee-Filter Holiday Ornaments

Colorful Coffee-Filter Holiday Ornaments
Add a little color to a drab winter day with this colorful sun catcher. Put it up for Christmas and keep it up for the rest of the year!

Check out the video to learn how to make it!


Kwanzaa Flag Decoration
Teach your kids about African flags while assembling this colorful project. It’s fun and easy to create!

Read the instructions for Kwanzaa Flag Decoration.

Wire Tree

Pipe Cleaner Tree
Even young children can make a pretty, jingly tree decoration from pipe cleaners and bells.

Read the instructions for the Pipe Cleaner Tree.

Holiday Crayon Crackle Card

Holiday Crayon Crackle Card

The great thing about these harvest candle holders? You can use what’s handy in your cabinet. Kids will have a great time dropping different grains and beans to create colorful, interesting layers. Check out the video to learn how to make it!

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