Best Travel Toys for Toddlers


Wiggling Worm Grasping Toy
From Melissa & Doug
Price: $7.99
Ages: 6 months and up

Bright green non-toxic paint and easy-to-grasp sections allow this wooden worm to bend and twist into all kinds of creative shapes and patterns. Plus, it’s all one piece, so you won’t have to worry about losing any parts.

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Linking Monkey
From Melissa & Doug
Price: $12.99
Ages: 6 months & up

Texture teething rings and a goofy grin make this toy a great travel companion for your little one. The rings easily hook onto a stroller, car seat, or other toys for safekeeping, and it’s made out of durable plastic and high quality fabric, so it can withstand even the roughest of journeys.

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Travel ‘N Doodle
From Aquadoodle
Price: $12.99
Ages: 1 year & up

The Travel ‘N Doodle is compact and will keep kids entertained on the go. A mess-free way to doodle, the drawing mats change color from the moisture in the pen. The designs disappear in a few minutes, revealing a clean surface.

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Race Car 123
From Playmobil
Price: $8
Ages: 1-3 years

Playmobil’s 123 line of toys is great for keeping little hands occupied on long trips, since they’re durable, easy to clean, and small enough to fit in a purse or diaper bag.

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Magnetic Color Maze
From Melissa & Doug
Price: $16.99
Ages: 2 years & up

Work on fine motor skills, matching, and color recognition while on the road. Feed the hungry animals by matching the colored beads with the right animal using the attached magnetic wand. This portable maze is easy to pack and has no removable pieces, so your child can’t drop or lose anything!

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Dr. Seuss Audio Books
By Dr. Seuss
Price: $19.99
Ages: 2 years & up

All kids love story time. Let someone else tell the story this time. Audio books allow kids to follow along as they listen to a story, giving you a chance to relax or focus on the road. Dr. Seuss’s audio books are read by celebrities that every parent will recognize and enjoy.

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Sticker Set Play Scene
From MudPuppy
Price: $13.00
Ages: 3 years & up

Stickers, especially reusable ones, are a great go-to travel toy. Each one of these portable sets comes with over 50 vinyl stickers and include themes for pirate lovers, budding ballerinas, and much more.

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Wikki Stix
From Wikki Stix
Price: $8.90
Ages: 3 years & up

Cultivate your child’s creativity with sculpting on the go. Wikki Stix are bendable pieces of wax-coated string that can be shaped into letters, people, animals, and other figures. They don’t take up much space and are inexpensive to replace at the end of your trip.

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Scribble and Write
From LeapFrog
Price: $24.99
Ages: 3 years & up

Your child can practice drawing simple shapes by tracing the light with her finger. When she’s mastered the first levels, she can graduate to writing upper and lower-case letters. The fun learning games help reinforce letter recognition and pencil control, and the portability makes it a great toy to bring along on a trip.

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