6 Tips for Dealing With Your Teen’s ‘Tude

5. Teach Them That Respect Works Both Ways

One of the best ways to teach respect is to model it by respecting your teen. Show him that respect works both ways — if you make a mistake, let him know and apologize. Conversely, let him know when he’s hurt or upset you, too. Let him know what about his behavior upset you. Your teen wants his individuality respected, and you can show that you respect him while also making it clear that disrespect for anyone is not tolerated in your house.

6. Tell Them You Love Them

Let your teen know when her behavior does make you happy. Is she doing well in school, holding down a part-time job, or babysitting a younger sibling? Let her know that you see how hard she’s working and that you appreciate her. Take the ‘tude-free times to remind her that you love her no matter what. Yeah, she may roll her eyes or call you corny, but deep down she’ll appreciate it (and remember it).

Teen ‘tude is something every parent and teen faces at some point. You probably have vivid memories of some flare-ups with your own parents when you were the rebellious teenager. But, if you keep your cool, establish clear and consistent boundaries as a parent, and remind yourself that this is just a phase, you and your teen will get through this together.

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