5 Coolest Play Tents for Kids

flexi fort with kids playing

DIY Crazy Fort
The Fat Brain Toys’ Flexi-Fort set allows kids to create their very own structure each and every time. It includes 25 balls and 44 sticks that connect to form practically any shape your child can dream up. Then, just cover their creation with a blanket for the perfect playtime fort. Today, your little one can build a cave. Tomorrow, it’s a skyscraper!

Pillowfort teepee

Tremendous Teepee
This Pillowfort Teepee is a classic. Decorate the inside with a strand of lights to create the perfect cozy place to curl up with a good book. Or, just keep it as-is and leave the possibilities to your child’s imagination.

space ship play tent

To the Moon Playhouse
Does your child love all things outer space? Bring out her inner astronaut every day with this Land of Nod Playhouse Canopy. 3-2-1 BLASTOFF… to hours of indoor fun!

camper play tent

Jetaire Camper Fort
Land of Nod’s Jetaire Camper brings all the fun of outdoor camping to the indoors. This fort looks just like a family RV, complete with an awning and curtains that go up and down. With this cool camper fort, your little one can choose to travel wherever her imagination takes her.

Fantasy fort play tents for kids

Fantasy Fort
With its real-wood lookalike panels, Hearthsong’s Fantasy Fort allows kids to build a fort that looks like a real house right in their playroom. This fort features heavy duty cardboard panels with double-sided Velcro connectors so your kids can build any style structure they can imagine, then take it down and build something completely different.

With these fun play tents for kids, your little ones will keep themselves occupied all winter long — or at least until dinnertime.

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