10 Ways to Declutter Your Home

Close Up of Canned Vegetables

Start Somewhere Easy
Empty all your kitchen cupboards. Replace everything that’s still in date that you think you’ll use. Toss out the rest. There’s little emotional attachment to groceries!

Garage sale sign

Have a Garage Sale
Collect stuff from around your home you know you won’t use and turn it into cash.

Pile of magazines against white back drop

Read and Recycle
Magazines and other reading material (apart, that is, from books) should be read and then recycled. Tear out any interesting pages.

Hand hold trash bag against white backdrop

Rent a Dumpster
Once you’ve committed to a dumpster, it seems a waste not to fill it to the brim. Go through your home, garage, and garden and fill the dumpster. Consider sharing a dumpster with neighbors and making it an annual event.

Chest full of family heirlooms

Don’t Be Too Sentimental
If aging relatives give you things that mean a lot to them, they’re only trying to help. However, you want your home to reflect your own happy memories, not theirs. Tactfully take what is offered, but don’t feel duty bound to put it all on display.

Close up of laptop computer

Clean Your PC
Don’t forget to declutter your PC. Delete programs you don’t use and archive to CD files not in regular use. Free disk space.

Closet full of clothes on hangers

Accept Your Mistakes
Everybody buys clothes they never wear. Don’t keep these shopping skeletons in your closet. Take them to a charity shop or sell them on Ebay.

Close up of flea market collectibles

Clear the Shelves
Have you seen those spoons or thimbles that people used to buy at souvenir shops? Each is different and bears the crest of the resort where it was bought. Have you built up a collection of souvenirs and gifts you’ve been given but would rather lose? Why not put them away as part of your new look?

Young girl volunteer holding donation box smiling

Give Stuff Away
We all buy gadgets with every intention of using them regularly. Reality is often different though. Have you got things you know deep down you’ll never use? Why not give them away to a charity shop?

Fire pit

Have a Bonfire
If you have a large garden, a bonfire is a fun way to really enjoy seeing your clutter disappear.

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